Saturday, 8 December 2007

Please allow me to introduce myself...

As someone who writes on occasion I always find those first words to be the most difficult ones. The best advice I was given (by a failed writer, I might add) was never to start at the beginning, always stretch your narrative a little and begin where you feel is appropriate. To me, that was always like trying to take a piss in public. Annoying. Time consuming. Pointless. You're either too wrapped up with trying to write the back story (or avoiding urinating on your feet) or trying to get the detail and tone of the piece just right (or trying to hide your wang from prying eyes). Looking back, my advice would be never to start writing the middle part of an article/ story and never urinate in public.

From the above paragraph, I just broke my own rules so let's rewind.

I'm a Live Journaller who has finally "grown up" and is trying to escape the sandbox. I take pictures in my spare time. My work involves assessing grants for community projects.

I guess I had to justify the Rolling Stones quote on the title of this piece.

Now, I am so totally unused to "blogging" apart from Live Journal so this is a new experiment for me. I guess I have transcended my "private space" on LJ to open my life a little more an concentrate on speaking to people I don't know (and hopefully will get to know) and expand my sense of community a little more.

So, anyway - I take photos, a sample can be found below:


So, not sure what I should be talking about but I am certainly going to enjoy the journey and forget about the destination for now.