Saturday, 19 January 2008

Daily Photo #42

Well, another less than sunny day in Birmingham. I quite like this statue as it's kind of positive and Nietzchian at the same time.


Aliens V Predator: Requiem was gratuitous fun. Bring on Cloverfield please, the world needs more monster/disaster movies.

Please, when will this rain stop!!?!

Friday, 18 January 2008

Daily Photo #41

Totally random bit of machinery in Stourbridge. I just liked the rusty nature of the item and I'm quite happy with the framing on this shot.


Thank god it's Friday, if the weather stays clear tomorrow I might hit some of the more industrial bits of Digbeth and do some shots. If it rains, looks like it's a trip to the cinema or staying indoors with a DVD or three.

Oh yeah, I am so low brow that I *loved* this movie. Worth the hire fee just to see Chris Walken doing a Def Leppard song!

Happy Friday people!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Daily Photo #40

I'm posting this for the pure and simple reason of liking this shot a great deal.


Sue me ;)

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Daily Photo #39

I took this one a couple of years ago. Today, the sky has been pretty clear with not very much rain. Hopefully we'll see some more blue skies like this one, winters in the UK have been pretty mediocre of late.


I love clear skies and crisp air. Fingers crossed we get a few more like this.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Daily Photo #38

So, feeling better today physically after a visit to the doc's. After a health scare last year I was pushed through a shed load of medical tests due to family history stuff (I won't go into detail on that as I don't want to bore you all) but liver, kidneys, thyroid and cholesterol are all fine. BMI could do with improvement but come the warmer weather I can start my walking regime again which is good.

So, off work until Thursday due to a viral infection of ears/throat/upper chest which is far from fun as all I can do is sleep or lie down due to not being able to hear or stay awake for more than one hour at a time.

So, at times like this my thoughts turn to good things like holidays! Now, US trip to Las Vegas is not too far away but I feel a bit of a sell out not going back to Manhattan so to cheer myself I went through some of my old pics and found something that makes me smile/brings back good memories. We've been to NYC six times now and it gets better and better on each visit. The place is like an onion, everytime you pull back a skin something new is revealed. We spent a lot of time on locations below 25th this time and the outer boroughs. Coney Island was an utter blast and this one sums it up for me.


Coney Island, even out of season just exudes this atmosphere that cannot be put into words. It's just wonderful, think Brighton multiplied by a bit of David Lynch via a 70's Grindhouse movie and you're there.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Daily Photo #37

Yep, I know I'm sad and pitiful. Spent most of the day in bed due to fever/flu/cough/throat and loss of hearing along my right side. Fitful sleep and dreams have been the order of the day and the National Health Service must hate me as I could not get a booking for a doctor for love 'nor money. Funnily, the dreams took me back across many memories and dreamscapes. Can't remember many of them today but the heat from my fever and the dryness in my throat made me dream of Morocco.

Not making much sense probably but the photo below was from a trip to the Anti Atlas Mountains. We stayed in a village, mostly deserted apart from some traders and Berbers. I was taken back here during part of the dream, I could smell the dust from the streets and see the haze from the heat. Anyway, dreams aside, this was an amazing place to visit and see if you can spot the face of the lion in the mountains.


Morocco is greener than one thinks, the air is so clean that you can breathe deeply without fear of fumes or crap entering your lungs. I really want to go back as it's such a spiritual and amazing place to visit. These remote places in the area are so quiet you can finally hear your thoughts to the point where it's almost dreamlike.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Daily Photo #36

I took this one again in Stratford upon Avon last year. I quite liked how this gargoyle/statue worked out with the dark backdrop.


Back to bed with a lemsip for me now.