Saturday, 19 September 2009

Daily Photo #635

I think this shot is awesome!


I just love the expressions. Total SciFi glitz and cheese :)

Friday, 18 September 2009

Daily Photo #634

Meeting up with Sin, San and Andy tomorrow.


Should be fun! Not sure if there will anything to photograph but it's always good to meet with friends!

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Daily Photo #632

I love doing candid shots in the street...


Even more so when in Manhattan!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Monday, 14 September 2009

Daily Photo #630

The weather felt a little more Autumnal today.


Which is good, it's my favourite season.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Daily Photo #629

I gave the Twilight homage shot a second pass.


I wanted the emphasis more on the apple. The connotations of this piece are almost eden-like. The concept is the offer is often tainted with some kind of hidden price or cost - if the person receiving the apple concentrates more on the gift than the giver, there is a price to be paid. Hence the hands coming out from the shadows and the darkness that envelopes the person offering the gift.

I didn't even realise the closeness of my image to the original book cover. I've had this image in my head for quite a while, a couple of years maybe. Anyway, on a different tangent we're off to IKEA to look at shelf type things. Will be good to get out of B'ham after the disappointment of yesterday's SnoozeFest.