Saturday, 7 February 2009

Daily Photo #427

I get insomnia from time to time and haven't slept well over the last few nights so I used one of the prescription sleeping tablets I was given a couple of months ago.

Err...results have been strange as I slept for 11 hours solid and am now yawning my way through the day. But it's that nice kind of tired where you know that you'll sleep so well tonight too. I'm not sure what has bought this on but I'm sure I have slept at points today with my eyes open. I don't think Linda noticed either.

Anyway, I shot this photo during a time a few years ago where I didn't sleep for a week.

Insomnia Pics: 1

Wandering around a cemetary at 4:30 am was probably not the cleverest thing to do in hindsight.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Daily Photo #426

Linda made me go into the city today to get some much needed fresh air and exercise. It's funny being cooped up at home, being kept toasty by central heating between the odd nap to experiencing the shock of cold air, catching the train (I thought they wouldn't be running!) and generally wandering around in a bit of a daze.

Still, it wasn't too bad all in all. Safely back at home now. So, still no photos taken recently. I'm kind of holding on for the ice to vanish and my muse to return. Given that it is so cold I thought I'd choose this one from the archives.


It was taken during the winter and I think the cool colour of the sky denotes the kind of weather that we experienced today.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Last post for today! Stuff that makes me go *mmmm*

Man, I have become prolific (haha! Not!). This has to be the most I have written in the past two weeks.

So, I had to post a link to this as it is the most poetic, beautiful and poignant post I have read today.

If you haven't read Julia Wertz's comics and blog posts, you really should. She is one of the most talented individuals working in comics today and a bright star for the future. The post I have linked to really sums up a lot of how I feel right now. You can go view her comics here.

Her work is diverse and poetic while appealing to both base humour and more existential moments of angst. I don't think I have the ability (or right!) to write a precis here. All I can say is Julia's work is both hilarious and evocative.

The subject matter is diverse ranging from loss, love, moving across America, life in NYC and the little observations that escape most of us.

If there is one writer or cartoonist who deserves to make it; Julia Wertz is that person.

A none photo related update.

Well, it's been a strange 2 and a bit months with being diagnosed as having clinical depression. I've been on anti-depressants for just over a month and they seem to be making quite a difference in controlling bouts of despair and mood swings.

The meds I am taking are SSRIs at present. The side effects seem to be lessening somewhat but my powers of concentration and social skills are quite non existant which means I am on paid sick leave at present.

Still, all the above is academic. Friends have been most supportive but I just feel that I'm not great company as I enter prolonged stretches of quietness where I just feel a little spaced out and I really don't like leaving the house at present. Crowds of people and noisy locations are a bit of a an issue too but I find time away from everything is putting a lot into perspective.

I am unsure as to the cause of the above but the doctor seems to think that there have been several "triggers" that have had a bearing on my current situation.

It's strange but I feel neither happy or unhappy right now. Just in this kind of "existing mode" which is weirdly comforting but kind of akin to having a stranger inhabit one's body and existence.

I know I'm improving but I'm unsure as to how long this will take to rectify and move forward with my life. All I do know is that I am going to beat this and I'm fortunate to have the support and love from Linda and my close friends.

Daily Photo #425

Yep, snow again. Managed a walk down to the village with Linda as she has taken some time off work to spend with me.

The snow fall was pretty deep last night but Linda was well prepped today wearing her Hunter's (as made famous by Lily Allen and Kate Moss), trendy person that she is.


As I refuse to take any snow pics (it's way too slippy outside and my meds kill any balance I have anyway), here's a pic of Linda leaping for some reason in her silver Hunter's.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Daily Photo #424

The thing about winter is that it offers limited possibilities of colours. I really don't like shooting snow scenes because unless they are shot during twilight hours or early in the morning, they can look really dull.


I chose this one, shot in London on my Birthday due to the hues in it. Granted, the backlight is artificial but I think it adds to the shot. Now, if only I could erase the carrier bag out of the shot ;)

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Daily Photo #423

As seen outside the MGM Casino in Vegas.


I couldn't find any pics on my stream of "brass monkeys". If you're a Brit, you'll know what that means.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Daily Photo #422

Heavy snow over here, in Birmingham and most of the UK. So, we're staying in after Linda had a near crash in the car due to the poor condition of the roads.

I'm not going outside to shoot pics, sorry anyone who expected that kind of activity. There's not much to see, just some houses over the way and a garden covered in snow.

To be quite the devil's advocate, I'm posting pics of a sunny day.


So there!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Daily Photo #421

It's quite cold here in the UK. I need a holiday somewhere warm.


This was taken from the balcony of our hotel suite when we were in Morocco 3 years ago. That was an amazing holiday.