Monday, 2 February 2009

Daily Photo #422

Heavy snow over here, in Birmingham and most of the UK. So, we're staying in after Linda had a near crash in the car due to the poor condition of the roads.

I'm not going outside to shoot pics, sorry anyone who expected that kind of activity. There's not much to see, just some houses over the way and a garden covered in snow.

To be quite the devil's advocate, I'm posting pics of a sunny day.


So there!


fluid69 said...

Ah sunny weather, where are you???

Sort of on the photography theme, I'm thinking of getting a new camera. I don't need a fancy pants SLR, but something a bit more swish than my phone camera is really needed. I've thinking about something like this. Any thoughts or suggestions, Mr camera man? I noticed how cheap a pro flickr account is too, so might get me one of those and start posting some visual atrocites for the world to behold. There were some cool scenes of icey desolation about yesterday, which I missed catching as I didn't have anythingt to capture them on :(

Trav28 said...

I'm thinking of one of the below for a little point and shoot that I can carry around, it's a litle more pricey than the kodak but it gives you a bit more versatility.

Flickr is most handy and for the service it offers, very reasonable.

Or even this, which looks rather nice: