Friday, 6 February 2009

Daily Photo #426

Linda made me go into the city today to get some much needed fresh air and exercise. It's funny being cooped up at home, being kept toasty by central heating between the odd nap to experiencing the shock of cold air, catching the train (I thought they wouldn't be running!) and generally wandering around in a bit of a daze.

Still, it wasn't too bad all in all. Safely back at home now. So, still no photos taken recently. I'm kind of holding on for the ice to vanish and my muse to return. Given that it is so cold I thought I'd choose this one from the archives.


It was taken during the winter and I think the cool colour of the sky denotes the kind of weather that we experienced today.


fluid69 said...

I wandered into the town centre near where I work at lunchtime. It is soooo frak'in cold, I only spent 10 minutes outside before scurrying back to the office. Too cold.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't the trains be running?


Trav28 said...

The trains are highly unreliable here, the slightest whiff of leaves, snow or rain and they get all discombobulated.

kebabselector said...

Our line isn't too bad, it mostly runs. The west coast mainline however fails with different phases of the moon and slight gravitational variations.

Anonymous said...

Here I thought I was the only person who used the word "discombobulated".