Saturday, 22 December 2007

Daily Photo #14

I am nursing the most horrid hangover from hell. I have barely functioned all day, drifting in between a nap here and there and a hot bath. I didn't drink that much last night and I feel buggered.

Anyway, this sums up how I feel today.


Migraine - Art Installation

No daily photo today

I'm not gonna post a photo today cos it's number "13" and I am a superstitious type.

Just got back from the office party and it was a good one. Lots of merriment and I am somewhat inebriated. So, sleep must beckon and I may shoot some new pics this weekend.


Thursday, 20 December 2007

Daily Photo #12

I don't know why but I felt like posting this one.

Negative contact sheets/proofs

It's not seasonal but I like it for some reason. I feel kind of random today. And for some reason, Xmas makes me feel kinda open to thoughts of a naughty nature. God knows why, must be the impending office party of doom that is on the horizon.

I shall report my findings when the event is over.

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Daily Photo #11

Xmas is coming! We did these as a set a couple of years ago with the intention of printing them up for Xmas cards to be given to close friends (and not family!)

Unfortunately we never had the chance but it was a fun set and most festive. So, 6 days to go and do you know where your turkey is? ;)


Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Daily Photo #10

I collect stuff. Sue me ;)

Mattel have over the years released "theme" and "media" Barbies. Linda has a few in her collection including the Wizard of Oz. A couple of years ago as she knows I collect anything to do with Catwoman, she picked this one up for our collection.

Weekly Geeky pic#6

Now, given that Barbie is meant to be the epitome of American Middleclass Suburban Soccer Mom, do you think it's just a tad subversive to give her a vinyl fetish suit, knee boots in the style of a hooker and a whip?


Maybe times have changed afterall.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Daily Photo #9

Cats have it quite good, y'know. They don't have to leave home about 6.25 each morning in freezing fog and can lie next to the radiator and snooze all day. They also don't have to worry about hitting quotas or other work related nonsense and stuff like balancing the bank account and paying bills or doing the shopping.

Let's face it, they're blessed little sods. We have 2 cats - Ro and Buffy (Linda is a cult telly fan, as you might know). Anyway, this is Ro. They both came from the same litter but their personalities are majorly different. If the cats were human, Ro would be the laid back stoner and Buffy would be the uptight college major. They argue at every chance they can get (in a meow-y catty way, of course). But, I think they do really get on when we're not around as more often than not, they can be found inches away from each other snoozing the day away.


Bless. I took this about 2 winters ago and she probably got into a fight or had a dirty face.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Daily Photo #8

Blah. The spirit of Xmas has broken me somewhat. I didn't want to go out today and it was a struggle to go visit mum and do some odds and ends of food shopping. I cannot find it in me to be festive and/or nice to people right now. Case in point, idiot with mutton chop sideburns shaking a bucket in front of my face while I was trying to talk to Linda does not make me instantly want to hand over money. I'd already given some cash to the kid's hospital to a group earlier but mutton chops wasn't having any of it and tutted at me as I shook my head. Usually, I am much more receptive but this week, I just want the hell out of Winter and Brum.

I don't think it's a seasonal depression thing, although this time of year does make one think of friends and family who cannot be here for various reasons but in contrast to my post a few days ago, I just can't raise the excitement and would sooner have the whole run up to Xmas over with but in the true nature of the hypocrite that I am, it could be that I am lusting for time away from work and some nice rest away from the grind and routine of the season. For the first time ever I contemplated booking a holiday away from the UK somewhere warm. The cold snap this week has been quite extreme and there is a discernible winter feel to the air which is most unlike the weather we've experienced over the last 2 or 3 years.

So, my pic for today is to celebrate sunnier times.


Even though I am not wishing my life away, I am so looking forward to the Xmas time off and some new Doctor Who on the telly. Lofty ideals be damned, I like the finer things in life.