Saturday, 3 January 2009

Daily Photo #392

The BBC are announcing the actor who will play the next Doctor.


I don't think it will be Tom Baker though. Nobody gets two bites of the cherry ;)

Friday, 2 January 2009

Daily Photo #391

Still with the Cardiff vibe.


It was a great afternoon, the sunshine was amazing but so was the wind temperature, very very cold. I have mixed feelings about the place. I was less than impressed with the attitude of the local people who came across as being quite rude/cold but I did like the architecture and feel to some of the areas in the centre. Maybe we'll head back there and give it a second chance?

Progress report on my health - very mixed. Been back to the Doctor (again!) and filled out a very straightforward questionnaire. I scored pretty highly on the depressive illness scales and got asked some other questions. The upshot a prescription for anti depressants and another round of counselling. In addition to some anti-biotics for another ear infection.

So, progress in some areas which is positive. The side effects (potential) for the meds are a little scary. I don't think I have quite disappeared into the abyss just yet.

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Daily Photo #390

Yep, start as you mean to go on. First image of the year may look sinister but I think it's the hotness.


Hopefully 2009 will bring more photos, less angst and more of the sexy.

I hope the two people who read this blog (ha ha!) have a great new year and best thoughts to you all. May '09 bring you everything you wish for and more besides.

And god bless Linda, my wife and my muse. Hopefully she won't get too fed up with having a lens pointed in her direction.

Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Daily Photo #389

Cats have an easy life.

Buffy loves to yawn.


No trip to the Doc's for me today as it was for emergency cases only. Looks like next Monday or Tuesday now.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Daily Photo #388

I didn't make it to the doctor's today. The meds I am taking make me so drowsy so will book an appointment tomorrow. I'm feeling conflicted about this as I should have dragged my comatose ass out of bed and sorted this. Grrr.


Today's photo was taken last year in the Hockley area of B'ham. Primarily, the area is a haven for jewellery production (it used to be firearms but we English never really went for that "right to bear arms" thing). This could have been quite a dark shot but I processed the colours to be bright and vibrant as this location is a cemetery. It's quite unusual to have a graveyard located in what is primarily an industrial landscape and walking through the area can lend an air of dislocation to its surroundings.

I want to return there again, possibly on an overcast day to see if the area feels different. It is the least sinister graveyard I have ever walked through being quite open and landscaped. It seems to lack the dark nooks and corners of many suburban cemeteries.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Daily Photo #387

I couldn't resist posting this one from Cardiff.


Processed on the laptop, not 100% happy with the contrast though. May just go back and remix it. Talking about remixes, I love my wife for snagging this as an xmas present for me.

On the stress/depressive illness front. Still up and down. Back to the doctor tomorrow. Moods still shifting. Opting for counselling but the panic attacks come at random times. Combined with anger/frustration spells, I am still not in a great place but a little better than November. Will I ever function at 100% I wonder?

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Daily Photo #386

Back from Linda's birthday weekend in Cardiff.


We finally found the Torchwood Hub. No daleks spotted though.

By the way, a quick tip. If anyone offers you the butternut squash and coconut milk soup at Las Iguanas, say yes!!!! Amazing!!

Still feeling a little "mood swinging" going on. Still trying to avoid stressful situations. Maybe I should embark upon that concept of living as a hermit one day?