Saturday, 25 April 2009

Daily Photo #504

Into the city centre today.


We only went to the bright shoppings bits and not the wonderfully gothic crumbly bits away from the centre. Bah!

Friday, 24 April 2009

I should take my camera on my journey to work.

I meant to make a mental note to blog this a while ago but on an average weekly morning trip to work I get to see:

A jogger who suffers with OCD. If you stray too near the hedgerows he can't do his pattern and he has to stop, jog back up the hill and wait until you've passed until he can carry on. He's a strange chap with sellotaped glasses, a ginger hairpiece who jogs in a beaten up bomber jacket and what appears to be velour tracksuit bottoms. He gives you the look of death if you dare go near his hedgerow. He scares me a little.

What appears to be a drunken squirrel who consumes the left over dregs from glasses left in the local pub. He always looks happy.

Little piles of vomit outside Pizza Hut.

A milkman in a what appears to be a converted transit van. He has no regard for speed limits or pedestrians. He appears to be from the Eastern Europe and has many home made tattoos.

It's the perfect way to start the day, especially if there's some Radiohead on my Ipod.

Daily Photo #503

Going back to my post from Wednesday, this was taken about three years ago.


I need to weed out some books as there are ones I will probably never read again. There's more in boxes in the attic. I need a bit of a tidy up/clear out at some point if I can ever work up the energy and composure to perform one.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Daily Photo #502

It's getting warmer! A lot warmer here. Spent most of the day staring out of the window longing for hometime. Why couldn't I have had my clinical depression now instead of during the winter. I could be a mentalist (non pc, but I guess I am qualified to say this now) outside in the garden instead of hidden under a duvet for almost 4 months.

Then again, I couldn't even go outside much during the first three months of the year so it makes us even.

Anyway, I keep saying I have to shoot something but just never get around to it with stuff at weekends and things like sleep/catching up with reading during the night hours.


I so wanted to be outside today. Still, no time for dreaming, gotta feed the cats and make Linda's dinner. Laters.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Daily Photo #501

Shattered and tired beyond belief today. Being back to work full time is knackering to say the least. Still, it beats sitting at home sleeping in until 1pm...err, then again maybe not.

After a day of legalese, contracts and investigation stuff I can barely sit here awake, let alone type. So, in honour of that, here's some books as all I am doing is reading right now.


There's also an unusually active cat jumping down from the shelf there. I guess she didn't like sitting next to Chuck Palahniuck or William Burroughs. The cat has no taste.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Random thoughts...

A random note...

I love my wife. She's made of awesome. Even when people insult her she just rises above it. Man, I wish I had her qualities sometimes.

I covet her Nintendo DSi, gamer chick that she is.

I've abandoned my "voodoo doll" project (private joke) and I'm investing my time in taking stock in what is good about my existence. Luckily the pros outweigh the cons.

Frozen Margarita, anyone?

Daily Photo #500

Blimey. 500 at last! Since my photography has slowed up of late (the clinical depression thing and not leaving the house much since November 2008) means that there is no special image for today.

So, something low key I think is on the agenda. Or at least until we head to the US when I'll get to photograph something a little more interesting than the immediate surroundings, not that Birmingham is unpleasant. Just a touch uninspiring right now.


A view from Roosevelt Island, Manhattan. Ever since the early 1990's I've been exploring an almost Lynchian love of dark and industrial black and white photography. It's something I need to revisit.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Daily Photo #499

Well, yesterday's post was prophetic....!


Linda came home with a new dress. Wowsers!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Daily Photo #498

I fancied something dynamic for a traditionally lazy Sunday afternoon.



I wish this afternoon was exciting but Linda has gone to the BBB in Brum to meet up with her friend Fleur and I am cooking a chicken. Ah, the excitement. Well done to Steve Green on his good news! I can't say what it is yet but will edit when links go public.