Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Random thoughts...

A random note...

I love my wife. She's made of awesome. Even when people insult her she just rises above it. Man, I wish I had her qualities sometimes.

I covet her Nintendo DSi, gamer chick that she is.

I've abandoned my "voodoo doll" project (private joke) and I'm investing my time in taking stock in what is good about my existence. Luckily the pros outweigh the cons.

Frozen Margarita, anyone?


Steve_Green said...

Linda certainly is made of awesome. Wives who can put with the likes of you or me and our odd little obsessions are few and far between; I should know. You're a lucky guy.

kebabselector said...

Chris, the internet is full of twats with opinions. Quite often fairly normal people post random/offensive crap mainly because they can and they'll never meet the recipient.

Glad to see Linda has risen above that.

Frozen Vodka Maybe:)

fluid69 said...

Well, anyone married to you for so long must have saint like levels of patience, dude... maybe it's that famous northern grit ;)

BTW - I noticed this on Play. Got that on order? Seems like your sort of thing.

Trav28 said...

Steve: Yep, she is pretty good. My obsessions are pretty mild I think and most benign (I hope).

Kebab - The thing is, many of these people aren't twats who have such thoughts/views. Fair enough, if you don't like something deal with it but making a joke at the expense of Linda's feelings to make themselves look/feel better...well, it just makes me despair for the death of the intellectual and the ushering in of the crass and boorish.

Linda has risen above it and so have I but sometimes you could do without all the random abuse. It makes me wonder why I bother really.

Ade - nah, if I was patient and saintly I wouldn't clash with random people no matter what they do. Thanks for the headsup on the statue, will be ordering asap :) I adore Adam Hughes' artwork and this sculpture of Catwoman looks rather cool!

fluid69 said...

Err, the saintly patience ref was aimed at Linda. You're more the grumpy old man kinda guy. Something I'm guilty off too.

Trav28 said...

Oi, less of the old. Hey, you're older than me! Linda is also older than me! *grrr*