Friday, 24 April 2009

I should take my camera on my journey to work.

I meant to make a mental note to blog this a while ago but on an average weekly morning trip to work I get to see:

A jogger who suffers with OCD. If you stray too near the hedgerows he can't do his pattern and he has to stop, jog back up the hill and wait until you've passed until he can carry on. He's a strange chap with sellotaped glasses, a ginger hairpiece who jogs in a beaten up bomber jacket and what appears to be velour tracksuit bottoms. He gives you the look of death if you dare go near his hedgerow. He scares me a little.

What appears to be a drunken squirrel who consumes the left over dregs from glasses left in the local pub. He always looks happy.

Little piles of vomit outside Pizza Hut.

A milkman in a what appears to be a converted transit van. He has no regard for speed limits or pedestrians. He appears to be from the Eastern Europe and has many home made tattoos.

It's the perfect way to start the day, especially if there's some Radiohead on my Ipod.


aloha san said...

What a freak journey! oO
Well, I can´t say it! I´m a freaky myself! [grins]

Trav28 said...

Welcome to the UK, san ;)