Saturday, 9 February 2008

Daily Photo #63

Well, as I spent the day with Linda I thought I would dedicate this one to her ;)


We did the wandering around the canal thing and met a lovely cat who lives on the canal. Two cat pics is way more than enough so canal cat will be saved for another day but if you can't wait, the pics can be found on my flickr stream.

Friday, 8 February 2008

My Warholian 15 minutes have arrived!

Many thanks to Jon Bounds for interviewing me!

In the Big Picture

It's nice to get home and find kind words about you on the net. I promise you all that my ego won't explode as I have so much to learn about photography and to develop my style :)


And thanks to anyone dropping by for a looksee here. I'll try to keep things interesting :)

Edit: In the Big Picture still need your West Midlands pics, so get snapping and uploading here.

Daily Photo# 62

It's been a lonnnnng day. So thank god it's the weekend. Now, I'm not sure if everyone experiences this as a cat owner but sometimes I'm met at the door by one of our two pet cats. More often than not there's a meow or three demanding food/attention/something treat like from the fridge. Now, this whole meet and greet thing can often come in the form of some bizarre human/cat tango like dance as you negotiate the hallway with whatever stuff you're trying to carry.

Today, this did not happen. Buffy was just lying on the bed in a shard of sunlight being lazybones, the number one mode of being for cat.


Hence, no meet and greet for me today.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Daily Photo #61

Another sunset, I really detect a theme here. I'm weather obsessed right now and just long for the light nights and great weather, being able to sit in the garden with a decent glass of white wine and just watch the sunset. Instead, grey skies and ranty school children on the train, have I. As Yoda might say.


On a different note, anyone going to FOCUS at the NEC in a couple of sundays time?

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Daily Photo #60

Blue skies are back and what do I do? I go shoot dead flowers in the garden. I guess that shows I am probably deep and poetic? Or maybe not, you decide.

We've had this plant/shrub thing in the garden since we moved in in 1996 but I personally think it looks more attractive/compelling and interesting when the flowers have shrivelled, the shapes and veins on the petals look more pronounced when it's on hiatus and waiting for the spring.


Anyway, it's been a hectic day and I need food. Stat. It was so busy I forgot to eat my lunch then forgot it was home time. I am so committed, in the good kind of way. Telly and some wine beckon now, and to feed 2 hungry cats and a wife some dinner.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Daily Photo #59

Oh lordy. Caught in a maelstrom of windy rain today, well maybe not exactly a maelstrom but I was bloody soaked.

So, thoughts again turning to clear blue skies and the time when I can potter around with a camera and not be soaked or whooshed away in a gust of wind.


Took this one in 2006 (3 days shy of being 2 years old, this shot). Anyway, different weather and some lovely shards of light in this one that caught my eye.

Please please please, let's have some nice weather!!

Monday, 4 February 2008

The Big Picture

This is mainly directed towards West Midlands UK and B'ham people.

The Big Picture is a chance to put Brum and the Midlands on the map as part of a record breaking attempt to get 100,000 images of the area, its people and customs together. Now, thanks to the energetic enthusiasm and expertise of the people behind including the talented Jon Bounds of the immortal Birmingham it's not sh*t site, we've got a chance to show the world we're not just about the black pudding and orange chips. We're a lot more than that, a talented folk of a rich and diverse history.

So, carpe diem and post your pics at

Seeing this made my day when I got home,


One of my pics was chosen for the front page and that can only improve the horrid mediocrity of a cold winter monday. And hopefully this will spur you snappers out there onto bigger and better things (apart from those who use the excuse of having corrupted memory cards, not having a latte in their paw or using bad hair days as to not posting their pics, lol). Be boisterous, be fantastic and above all, be photogenic people!

Daily Photo #58

I don't mind Mondays on the whole as Tuesday is the most evil day of the week. But, in the midst of cold and damp weather I find a friendly cat that greets you when you get home can put a smile on your face.


I wish my cat was friendly though, Buffy is the most moody thing in the world. Ever.

Still, she makes me smile and that's what you need on a Monday. That, and a big gin and tonic.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Daily Photo #57

Randomness today. Post Cloverfield, I thought best not to concentrate on buildings or anything that could have potential monsterefication (yes, I made the word up), so here's a gig picture I was asked to cover by a magazine editor last year. As per the norm, nothing really ended up happening with the images, they weren't too mediocre I think.

Custard Factory Gig

Still, nice to think of being in a sweaty audiotorium than the hellishly cold weather than suffering the cold winds we're having today.