Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Daily Photo #501

Shattered and tired beyond belief today. Being back to work full time is knackering to say the least. Still, it beats sitting at home sleeping in until 1pm...err, then again maybe not.

After a day of legalese, contracts and investigation stuff I can barely sit here awake, let alone type. So, in honour of that, here's some books as all I am doing is reading right now.


There's also an unusually active cat jumping down from the shelf there. I guess she didn't like sitting next to Chuck Palahniuck or William Burroughs. The cat has no taste.


kebabselector said...

I can well understand that knackered feeling. Was off to 2 weeks and not recovered from the DIY. Was hoping work would've been a nice rest. It hasn't been.


I can't believe it. That's my cat Tiger (RIP - I had to have her put down in 2003.) How the hell did that photo get on the internet?

Trav28 said...

Anne, this is one of the best cats in the world. Am sure there is a pool with Buffy/Tiger genes somewhere!

If you ever come back to Angleterre, please say hello to the terrible twins (Ro and Buffy are from the same litter).

Post some pics of Tiger, I'd love to see her :)