Friday, 24 April 2009

Daily Photo #503

Going back to my post from Wednesday, this was taken about three years ago.


I need to weed out some books as there are ones I will probably never read again. There's more in boxes in the attic. I need a bit of a tidy up/clear out at some point if I can ever work up the energy and composure to perform one.


Duke said...

Daniell and I are purging many of our belongings to prepare for moving out of my brother's house. I am getting rid of hundreds of books worth thousands of dollars. It's depressing, but we won't have the money to afford an apartment and be able to store all of the things we have accumulated over the years.

If you sort through your books rapidly, it's less painful.

Trav28 said...

in retrospect, each of my books represent a memory that I can never let go of. That sounds a bit trite but it's true. I have room to store them so some will go in boxes.

Good luck with the move!