Thursday, 5 February 2009

Last post for today! Stuff that makes me go *mmmm*

Man, I have become prolific (haha! Not!). This has to be the most I have written in the past two weeks.

So, I had to post a link to this as it is the most poetic, beautiful and poignant post I have read today.

If you haven't read Julia Wertz's comics and blog posts, you really should. She is one of the most talented individuals working in comics today and a bright star for the future. The post I have linked to really sums up a lot of how I feel right now. You can go view her comics here.

Her work is diverse and poetic while appealing to both base humour and more existential moments of angst. I don't think I have the ability (or right!) to write a precis here. All I can say is Julia's work is both hilarious and evocative.

The subject matter is diverse ranging from loss, love, moving across America, life in NYC and the little observations that escape most of us.

If there is one writer or cartoonist who deserves to make it; Julia Wertz is that person.

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