Saturday, 12 April 2008

Daily Photo #126

I quite like this one of Linda, it has an epic feel, kind of Wuthering Heights meet Star Trek Wrath of Khan via Hamlet.


We went to Kenilworth Castle and got cultured by National Heritage. (god bless, we're kind of linked via mutual employers). Never knew all those royal types got into such shenanigans. I stood at the foot of the stairs where some royal babe may or may not have got pushed down some stairs and had her neck mysteriously snapped. Saw lots of kids running up and down those same stairs and tutted a fair bit. Kids, eh?

Edit - 18/04/2008 - replaced the original shot with a revamped one. I prefer this version.


kebabselector said...

Great shot, love the positioning and sky.

Trav28 said...

Cheers Bro!

I always get a sense of achievement when you say something good about my snaps!

kebabselector said...

No problems, you do take good stuff!