Thursday, 17 April 2008

Daily Photo #131

I chose this because it was one of my favourite shots from last year, taken in Stratford.


I like the sharpness in the image and I think this image really benefits from the quadtone effect.


kebabselector said...

Great shot, love the quad tone effect also (have to look on CS3!)

Trav28 said...

Cheers Dude, I actually did this in a version of P Shop that is over 9 years old now :)

kebabselector said...

Nothing wrong with old Photoshop!

My early stuff was done using PaintShop Pro

Trav28 said...

God bless PSP :)

Still, I could not go back to it having used the awesomeness of CS3!

kebabselector said...

I couldn't go back either. Mind you that's because I can't get it for the Mac!