Monday, 9 June 2008

Daily Photo #184

Spotted these guys in St. Mark's. They seemed pretty cool and were happy to be photographed.


The first few turned out a bit posed but after waiting for a while I got this one which seemed a little more relaxed and less forced.

The story on these guys is that they are travellers, heading across the USA and are hitching from Rochester NYC to Hawaii.


Jessika said...

How were they planning to hitch to Hawaii? I think only cargo boats would be their chance, and even then I'd think it was slim. But if they make it, what a story!

Trav28 said...

I'm not sure at all! I think they were going via a few places and scraping up money for cheap travel. Personally, I think they didn't have much else to do apart from fleece innocent photographers out of a dollar but they were likable and were certainly making for a good photograph!