Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Daily Photo #465

In order to celebrate the arrival of my Blu-Ray of Dario Argento's Bird with a Crystal Plumage, here is Linda doing her impression of an Italian Giallo character.


Funnily, the poster in which she is posing in front of is the sublime Lucio Fulci movie, The Beyond. Both Lucio and Dario are heroes in our warped and demented household.


fluid69 said...

If you really wanted to do a Argento homage, you should have gotten a mirror and snapped Lind's half visible in the reflection, so that David Hemmings can then have a tortured flashback in the last reel and remember he saw the killer after all.

Steve_Green said...

I dread to think what you flashed at the poor girl to get that reaction.