Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Daily Photo #486

I do love shooting a portrait.


It's strange but I find the expression in this one quite mysterious. I need to work on my "directing" subjects a little more. Or start applying more context and meaning towards shooting subjects.


fluid69 said...

From a media student-y perspective, isn't it all supposed to be how a text is decoded rather than encoded?

I 'decode' that Linda looks a little cheesed off.

Trav28 said...

Nah, she just missed out on a bacon sarnie ;)

fluid69 said...

Well, missing out on a bacon sarnie would certainly cheese me off :P

Duke said...

What is a bacon sarnie?
Where were you when you took this shot?

kebabselector said...

I don't do many portraits, I should. But I don't feel comfortable moving people around.

Anyway, nice shot. I can understand the look if it's non-bacon-sarnie related.

Trav28 said...

Duke - a sarnie is a slang term for a sandwich. A bacon sarnie is often classed as breakfast food. Usually acquired from a "Greasy Spoon" (another term for cafe).

Steve, cheers for the kind words. You should do more portrait work :)

Trav28 said...

Duke - the shot was taken during the Memorabilia collector's fair at the National Exhibition Centre. It was quite a cool day full of movie and comic book goodies.

Duke said...

Thanks for the info.. I didn't know that the term "greasy spoon" was also used in the U.K..

Now when you talk of bacon, are you refering to what we yanks think of as bacon, or the type of ham slices we call "Canadian bacon"? Once when I ordered a sandwich in London that was to have "bacon" on it, it came with ham.

Is a bacon sarnie that same thing as a "bacon butty"? And are either of those the same thing as a BLT (bacon, lettuce, & tomato) sandwich is in the U.S.?

Trav28 said...

UK bacon buttys (or bacon sarnies) are often made with streaky or back bacon, grilled or lightly fried.

I am not sure what kind of bacon "canadian" is but our type is here:


BLT is way too healthy but I always have one in NYC on my first morning for breakfast :)