Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A brief interlude.

Yesterday was a bit weird. Called my brother, haven't spoken in ages and found out he has broken his leg in three places. He's in a full leg cast and awaiting news from surgeons in regards to if he needs to go under the knife to have bolts inserted in his leg.

Fingers crossed he's ok.

I don't know why but today was a bit strange in the fact that my concentration was so off. Hence taking the afternoon as annual leave was the best way to go in this instance.

I still feel a bit fragmented, not knowing why is niggling me somewhat. It could be the fact that we have had 5 days of great weather? Or the fact that there has been a long overdue resignation. (It's about time too).

Not sure but feel much better this afternoon after some quality "me" time and a quick nap in the garden. I'm a little sun toasted now but I may have needed the extra vitamins.


kebabselector said...

Didn't know you had a brother!

Anyway, hope he gets better and you enjoy your chilling :)

Trav28 said...

It's a long story Steve....may tell you one day, over a pint or two.