Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Daily Photo #540

These buildings kind of reminded me of a tuning fork.


Also, the photography world seems to be split into two worlds - those who are Canon users and those who aren't. Thankfully I am in the former :)


joelmead said...

I use a Nikon and I like it:)

Trav28 said...

Joel, you're a dirty Nikon user!!! ;)

Could be worse though, you might own a Sony Alpha (AKA Fisherprice camera) ;)

kebabselector said...

Avoid some of the Camera forums if you hate camera wars.

It's much much worse than Spectrum vs C64 arguments (which were mostly wrong, cos the Speccy was the best)

For balance I'm a Canon user (as you know Chris), if I was to start again last year I probably would be a Nokin user. This year I am mostly happy with Canon. Anyway got far too much invested to change.

joelmead said...

I wouldn't own a Sony. Not Mac compatible anyway:)