Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Daily Photo #547

After attending an excellent Social Media Surgery last night, courtesy of Podnosh (AKA Nick) I felt compelled to blog a pic of the area in which I live.

Insomnia Pics: 6

I do try to divorce my "public" persona from my "private" one and I have neglected my home village. Acocks Green has been very good to me over the years so it's time I put something back.

For the record, this pic was taken around 4:30 am on a Saturday morning about 3 years ago when my insomnia was at its height. I really love photographing places in the early hours as they have a most ethereal feel to them.


iamag said...

You definately need to be involved with this then! http://4amproject.org/

Great to meet you yesterday. Yeah AG is pretty ok isn't it!


Duke said...

I looked at some of the pictures of your downtown, Some of it looks nice, but what is with all the metal fences along the curbs?

Trav28 said...

Nicola - it was great to meet you too! A 4am project AG shoot could be great fun :)

Duke - the barriers are to stop cars mounting the pavement and squashing people (like in Grand Theft Auto). Or more likely, it's there to stop people from just walking into the road and getting totalled by a bus ;)

Duke said...

O.K. :o

Your explanation is kind of scary. You make it sound as if the traffic & pedestrian situation in the U.K. is similar to that found in South and Central American countries.

kebabselector said...

I often thought about the Social Media Surgeries, but wondered where i'd fit in. It might be worth me pinning down @podnosh at the next Social Media Cafe (which is tomorrow!)

Trav28 said...

Duke - the railings are there to "marshall" pedestrians and prevent accidents, I was kidding about the Grand Theft Auto thing ;)

Although we do have these guys who are pretty scary!



Steve - Nick was great, I hope I didn't waste his time though!!

Julia said...

Hi Travis28, Nice atmospheric pics which capture some of the village atmosphere we still have in AG - yeah pity about the 'metal fences' spoiling them. I'm with Duke on this one. We're supposed to call them 'guard rails' apparently. The findings are that they encourage cars to speed up and can obscure vision. Kensington High street has famously dumped nearly all theirs and dramatically improved their safety ratings. Check it out at www.acocksgreenfocusgroup.org.uk - where we are trying to get the Acocks Green ones binned,as well! (Warning - 'How Acocks Green looks now' on there is 'X' rated for people who don't like 'metal fences'.



Trav28 said...

Hi Julia!

Thanks for the comment. So sorry I didn't make the carnival as a busy week and day overtook me (lack of sleep during the week made me nap this afto for way too long!).

Good luck on binning those rails, if you ever need any photos, give me a yell :D