Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Daily Photo #730

Flu diary - day 4.

The goblins in the bedside cabinet are now quiet. I guess they must have read this journal entry. Body temperature now normal, dizzy spells at a minimum and aches/pain are at a minimum. It appears I am somewhat better but feel very washed out. Cough has now become productive (I will keep details to myself) and the whole thing has turned into a nasty head cold.

Still, extra rest is not a bad thing and I have sleep to catch up with having had very little at night for the past few days (at least continuous sleep which doesn't involve sitting upright in bed wide awake, slathered in sweat and thinking that someone is taking a bone saw to my skull). So, me =1. Swine Flu = 0.


As you might tell my old more verbose self is back. The typewriter is most appropriate.

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