Monday, 18 January 2010

Daily Photo #756

Things have been a little frantic of late, my health took a bit of a dive in a similar way to 2009 with a small period of depression that I couldn't shake during the Xmas period. I had the day off work today to rest up due to extreme physical tiredness and an instance of anxiety. Slept most of today but I am back at the doctor's tomorrow. Thankfully I am nowhere near as bad as I was in November 2008 where I lost almost 5 months of my life to depression and anxiety disorders.

Today has meant lots of rest under a very warm duvet and I feel much more human at this point but something is still clinging away at the back of my mind but the meds I am on help me put things into perspective a lot more now so I have the energy to deal with things.

Anyhoo, you're probably bored now so here is a picture of a cat.


I find a cat picture can brighten most people's days. Still, at least there is no more snow now! ;)

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