Monday, 5 July 2010

Daily Photo #922

Grr...arg..grr. Had a bit of a nasty fall on Saturday and have done something to my lower rear back (luckily missing my spinal column!). It was my own silly fault (and that of gravity, to a degree) but I cannot sit up, lie down or walk and I have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow. Self diagnosis says it feels like a small hematoma just above one of the bones in my lower back but going to get it checked all the same (and it could have been a lot worse).


Anyway, Linda has been feeding me anti-inflammatories and this photo is to remind me how cool she is. Thanks missy, back to lying on the bedroom floor for me now.


Anonymous said...

Hope all is ok with you today and you haven't hurt yourself badly.

Trav28 said...

Thanks random passer by, not doing too badly now as I am on the mend but cheers for the kind words :)