Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Daily Photo #1054

Shattered like a glass elephant.

For anyone that knows Harlan Ellison, I'm taking the piss a little there and riffing on his immortal short, Shattered like a Glass Goblin.


Well, cool things are made of glass for a start. The foremost being Mr Glass. Then there's the stuff your drinks come in. Again, glass.

OK, there is a point here. The last time I was in therapy (circa 1999), my therapist asked me to "name" my depression. Back then I gave it something trite like "bastard" but as I have gotten older, the condition has become more and more off limits. People accept it is there but they do not acknowledge it. Or want to acknowledge it. Hence, the "elephant in the room". In this case, the fragility of discourse has rendered it in glass. It is not enough to even acknowledge its existence but the mere recognition of it and dealing with it (as an outsider), renders it transparent. And breakable.

So, this time around....the glass elephant.

Today's photo.


Appropriate. And cheerful.

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davew said...

Oh I read his Glass teat books, years ago, brings back a few memories.