Monday, 10 January 2011

Daily Photo #1080

Still sleepy. Need to get out of the house!

Rose #2

Have the urge to do something creative but not the drive. Depression can be limiting in what you can and can't do. My state of mind changes almost every day and what seems appealing the night before is impossible to achieve the next day and this might be something as simple as leaving the house to post a letter or go for a walk. And the fatigue is also a pain in the arse.

Observations aside, I have had some macro photography ideas but these will wait until the spring.

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kebabselector said...

Nice macro, Hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than not being 100%.

A late night tip: Vodka isn't really suitable for a cold cure, still least I dont care about the cold anymore.

joelmead said...

I'm coming to Brum for the Focus on Imaging show in March so it would be great to get together properly this time…

Trav28 said...

@ Steve - was just thinking about you! Hope all is good with yourself :)

@ Joel - sounds like a plan, mental health permitting of course!