Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Daily Photo #1102

Made it into Tuesday! I usually hate Tuesdays for the most part but this one wasn't too bad.


Not sure why I chose this photo today but...it is pretty intense. Aha, I remember why now! Hyper realistic dream last night involving a walking doll was quite entertaining. Sod 3D movies, let's invent something that can record dreams and put them on the screen. Now, that's entertainment!

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Anonymous said...

An amazing doll! Where did she come from?

Trav28 said...

Hi! She was spotted in a carboot sale in Stratford-upon-Avon about 3 years ago. The tag was £80. Didn't buy it sadly as it looked a little "haunted" around the eyes.

Anonymous said...

That haunted look was because you didn't buy her and she so wanted you to! ;)

Trav28 said...

Oh crikey no! Taking a photo was enough for me, lol!!