Friday, 1 July 2011

Daily Photo #1209

Jeez, I didn't realise it was that time already. After sleeping for 16 hours (a double whammy combo of flu+ jetlag) I totally ignored the ping on my blackberry to tell me it's time to return.

Picture below, Linda NYC 2011.


So, a return to blogging.

I was kind of hoping the time would give me something to talk about but alas, profundity is not my middle name right now. OK, so a quick round up of events:

I'm still case working but doing some different stuff right now, working on conflict resolution and fraud detection. Challenging in a different way.

Been to NYC - I didn't shoot anything apart from some shots of Linda this time around. This doesn't mean I have hung up the camera, quite the opposite but I did need me time and some moments where I didn't need to think. I concentrated upon feeding my mind as opposed to feeding the lens.

My anti depressant regime - I had an instance of depression in November/December last year that saw my meds doubled. I went from 20mg to 40mg on my SSRI dosage. This had some good effects but some bad effects too. During June I have gone back down to 20mg (under direction from my physician) and I am starting to feel a little more like me again. Life is much more on an even keel and it has given me the space to think about life/what I am doing a little more logically. Essentially, I am functioning much better although it has made me think that over the past 25 or so years what "normal" actually is but that's another story.

In other words, I feel much more like what I "should" be.

So, I'm back and I hope this post was a good icebreaker.

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aloha san said...

Hi, Trav! I´m fine!!! How do you do? I´m so happy with your post. I became farway from Flickr and blogs just before that incident with my stolen photos. I was very sad about that...
I became married last year! Now I´m using facebook more than any other social networking.

Linda is gorgeous!!!I´m envy about her long hair! So sexy!!!

Thanks a lot for reminder!!! *-*

Trav28 said...

Hi San! Well done on the wedding and congratulations :D

Thanks for the kind comment on Linda too :)

Tell me your facebook name/address and I can add you if you like :)