Saturday, 6 August 2011


As a kid I used to love 'em. As an adult, less so as during my university years I had to work every weekend for a certain high street music chain (the one with the dog and gramophone). For the most part it was fun, other times it was less so. Think Christmas, it was like Apocalypse Now crossed with Dawn of the Dead. With less humour.

As I'm in my 40's and I have a much better job I don't work during the weekend now but I kind of miss the point of them. I can get ratted out of my head on Friday and Saturday nights and not worry about getting up for work. In fact, creatively this has been a bugger as I have no drive at present to produce or actually do anything. So it's like being a kid again. But with more money to blow on comic books.

Linda has to work the odd Saturday so that leaves me with the ultimate choice - books, video gaming or just napping to pass the time.


Today, I chose comics. And dreaming about 60' scifi movies ;)

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