Saturday, 24 September 2011

The weekend has landed!

And it is delicious! After rather a busy week with work and what not, I'm winding down for a short next week as it's a few days of leave and a birthday on the way for me.

As my depression over the last few years has gotten in the way of many an xmas (and birthday), I am determined to enjoy this one come what may.

Linda has booked the time off and I'm on a promise in regards to a photoshoot (weather permitting, of course) and lots of other fun stuff that may involve a trip to London or The Peak District to get some R&R time.

An outdoor photoshoot may be on the cards with either this:


Or this theme:


Or it could be even more different?


Still, a day away from Birmingham is always a bonus. Even if photos aren't involved :)


CloudBoy said...

Yep with you on two counts there, the depression and the shiny :0)

joelmead said...

Let me know if you come down to London. It would be good to meet up…

Trav28 said...

Hey Joel, sadly we didn't make London this time around but soon! I promise! :)