Friday, 28 October 2011

Too little time, too many things!

The last week has been (predictably) busy with a friend's wedding, an ear infection and lots of stuff in my in-tray at work.

So, this weekend I am planning on relaxing and maybe even getting to shoot some photos.


If the weather lasts it might be a trip to the park late Sunday afternoon or some such.

I am hoping this sunny weather lasts as today is glorious.

In other news, I bought Linda this and this and we need to take photos at some point. Life is fun, but oh so bloody time restricted!


CloudBoy said...

Cool, can't wait to see the new pics. We've just managed to do a few ourselves :op. Just one question though, why aren't you at Comic-Con over the weekend?

Trav28 said...

Well, I am in the UK right now and my department is quite challenged in the work department. Maybe 2013.