Friday, 17 February 2012

I'm the dog that ate your birthday cake....

Lyrics from Sparklehorse, video as below:

It's been a funny week. Not bad per se, but not great. Afterall, to quote Heathers - if you were happy everyday you wouldn't be human, you'd be a gameshow host.

Being old(ish) at 41 I've discovered that life isn't about roses, rainbows and kittens. It is about balance and having an off day is par for the course in the long run. And reflecting upon the troubles of people I know (or read about), my flirtation with a lady called depression is no big thing. I can and will conquer my demons.

Also, factoring in that I have had my antidepressants cut by 50% (yay!) with the mind to be non-medicated by June is a big step (for me anyway, having been taking them for over 3 years I feel that I've outgrown them).

Anyway, it is now the weekend and onto fun things. Time to cast off the shackles of the week and *just*have*fun*.

So, fun it is and fun it will be.


The cat says so!


And so does Linda!

See you on the flipside, y'all!

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