Sunday, 2 September 2012

Goodbye Buffy

We lost a member of our family in the early hours today.


Buffy passed over the rainbow bridge, peacefully in her sleep.    Words cannot describe how important this cat was to us.  It seems awful to call her a cat.  She was more like a little person.  With great taste in food and always there for a bit of fuss when needed.

She will be missed.


Cloudboy said...

Sorry for your loss :o(

Duke said...

Sorry to hear about your cat.


Terribly sorry to hear about Buffy, particularly as she reminded me such of my Tiger. I'm sure you'll miss her just as much as I miss Tiger. You have my condolences.


So sorry to hear of your loss, particularly as Buffy reminded me so much of Tiger. Commiserations and condolences.

Traveller28 said...

Thanks Anne and to everyone for the kind comments. She was my first ever cat and the best pet ever. I feel myself at a bit of a loss as she always used to sit under the desk when I blogged or processed photos here. I keep looking for her and she's not here. We laid her to rest under her favourite tree in the garden and I can look out the window and see that spot.

I hope the buffmeister and tiger are hanging out as we speak over the bridge :)