Saturday, 16 August 2008

Daily Photo #252



I'm at a loss to words today so I'm just going to copy this from my other online journal/blog thing.

Very very very hungover. To the point where I think I am still drunk after stumbling home at 3am with Linda and Joel.

I think we remembered Annie Green yesterday. Many words and memories were shared along with tender moments. Phil and Steve said some very resonant words at the humanist ceremony that took place yesterday.

It was a spiritually cleansing day and I feel a lot more whole today (except for the shakes, the shivers and the loss of focus in my eye sight. How I made it home in one piece I do not know).

Anway, enough of this. I am shivering in my bath robe after a long shower so it's time to get up (3.40 pm), eat something and function like a human being who doesn't look like an extra in "Hobo: The Movie".

Gotta go collect Linda's car from Steve's and drop him in a copy of a DVD that he requested :)

Gotta go eat and try and start functioning like a human being now. Oh yeah, Linda got a new catsuit and we so have to do some photos, it would be criminal not to!

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