Sunday, 22 February 2009

Daily Photo #442

Managed to hit town today for lunch and comic books. Had a funny reaction to new sleeping tablets which made me a bit nauseous so may migrate back to the old ones (I have to take them in conjunction with the anti-depressants as they cause insomnia).

Still, feeling a touch better than I did a few hours ago which is good. Funny thing with being off work is that I am losing all track of time at present. The days pass quite strangely.

Anyway, we watched the Bernard Rose movie Paperhouse last night. It had such a fantastic dream like quality that I had to track down something on my photo stream to equal it.


The intense blue sky gives this one an almost hyper real feel to it. Vivid but still quite dream like.

I haven't shot a photo since December 28th 2008. This needs to be addressed soon.


davew said...

Wow the clock dial is a real blue!

Trav28 said...

The dial isn't that blue in real life, I just bought out the hues when processing. I guess I shouldn't reveal that, lol.

davew said...

Oh Well its nice anyway.