Thursday, 26 February 2009

Daily Photo #446

I managed a walk down to the village and did some chores around the house today, which is quite an achievement. Given that I have had 6 nights of pretty much deep and undisturbed sleep (10 hours per night!), I feel a little mental fortitude returning and a bit of a better outlook. I will try two more nights on the doctor prescribed "knock me out" sleeping pills (in conjunction with the ADs).

So, in view of this positivity here is a photo of Linda taken on my Birthday in 2005.


This was shot on Carnaby Street in London, one of our favourite haunts when in the capital.


alohasan said...

I hope You could feel better without the Pills, soon.
Don´t you try something like alternative therapy? Floral, or massage sessions, this kind of stuff? I aways try this: milk + honey + tea (grins). But I have to confess this days of "thesis tention" I could not falling sleep as usual.
I´m very afraid of drugs to sleep. I mean, and if I don´t spleep without them anymore...Just spooky!

See You!

Trav28 said...

I keep meaning to look at aromatherapy but the tablets seem to work right now ;)

I know this sounds strange but I can't drink tea! strange for an english man ;)

Duke said...

I have never heard of Carnaby St.. I wish I had, as I probably would have taken Daniell there shopping too on our honeymoon besides places like the Burlington Arcade.

Trav28 said...

We love Camden Market, Cranaby Street and the surrounding areas. Oxford St is ok but places like Shaftesbury Ave (best Forbidden Planet Comic Shop ever!) and Charing Cross Road tend to take up our time. London is too massive to cover in a day, let alone one week :) (or two weeks to that matter!)

Check out this vid for more Carnaby St action :)

Steve_Green said...

Actually, more coffee is consumed per capita in the UK than tea.

Duke said...

How's the quote go: "When one has grown tired of London he(or they) have grown tired of life." - Pepys

fluid69 said...

The Shaftesbury Ave FP is definitely much better than the Notts branch. I popped in there last Saturday for the first time in ages... it's arse. I used to pop into the London branch all the time when I lived down there. There are *some* things I miss about London.

aloha san said...

Cofee is delicious, but if I drink it at night... It would be a neuronal´s party dance! :D