Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Please tell me this isn't real?

A blogging buddy made me hip to this crazy lady AKA Debbie Schlussel.

Now, I thought people like this didn't exist, that they were clever constructs written by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. But no, they are out there. I think my eyes were bleeding after reading a few choice entries.

American friends, please tell me people like this are in the minority. That you don't take the subway with them, bump trolleys in the supermarket or share a frosted stein of cold cold beer with them in your local tavern.

Please tell me this isn't the case?

Edited to add.

Oh god, it gets worse.

And beware if you like the Watchmen movie or graphic novel. She's coming for you.


Duke said...

I'm confused Chris.

I read the first article about the NFL, and didn't see anything wrong with it. The big organizations and companies should not be exempt from having to do all that is necessary to protect citizens from terrorist harm.

We need more outspoken people like the author to cryout when boneheads like the NFL think it's Sept. 10, 2001 again. People like Colbert and Stewart would make fun of the issue when it's not funny!

A dear childhood friend of mine who is a naval officer had, and I emphasize HAD, an office right in the section of the Pentagon that got obliterated that day. He was there that day but, fortunately he was on the other side of the building when it was hit.

If this lady is serious, then I want more, a lot more, people like her around raising hell about how we are at war and still need to keep treating every day that way until our enemies are trampled underfoot.

I would imagine that most people in N.Y. City where you are going, if they have read the article, would applaud it.

Trav28 said...

Hi Duke,

I was more concerned about her using movies like "Watchmen" to propogate her thoughts on Lesbianism = bad and how she totally misses the point about the movie. Her politics are inconsequential, I object to her making assumptions about how all muslims are "evil", her blinkered view on how she refers to black people to the point where she comes across as blatantly racist when recounting their speech patters (see the Friday 13th movie article).

Her research and understanding of various topics is inherently flawed and she has no editorial skills. Her posts (and replies to those who take the time to comment) and condescending, insulting and resort to the circular arguement.

Trav28 said...

It may be worth having a look here, it cites some of the reactions to her "writing" and campaigning.

Jessika said...

She's just another right wing crazy, like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter. Her blogroll is full of them, and the "Marx" rating should also tell you something.

Like many of the right wing bloggers and the like, they say things just to get attention, and a lot of TERRORISTS! 9/11! MUSLIMS ARE EVIL! plus much more racism, classism (all poor people are bad/evil/lazy), homophobia, etc.

There are, unfortunately many like her (especially in Oklahoma), but rest assured that not all of us are.

Trav28 said...

Hey Jess, I did note the contact with Coulter (funny as Coulter seems to want to erase most religions including Judaism off the map).

It makes me wonder firstly:

1) How do either of them get jobs in the media?

2) Have they both been smoking (alledgedly) some bad crack?