Monday, 12 July 2010

Daily Photo #929

A superb weekend and lovely time spent with Linda. Anyhoo, just thought she looked a bit "other worldly" here and that sums her up perfectly.


Back to the grind for the Monday thing but good thoughts all round and some bits and bobs of news:

Doing a "Jason Bourne" film season on bluray, although the Richard Chamberlain version on DVD will remain hidden. Go Matt Damon!

My anti-depressant meds have been reduced by 50% and things are good (fingers crossed)

Linda picks up her new car (well 2nd hand, one previous owner), a Silver Mini (one of the recent updated "One" series) over the next couple of days. Women who drive silver minis are hot! (well, my lady anyway!)

And other things I am too much of a gentleman to disclose ;)

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