Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Daily Photo #931

Last night = bit of a disaster. It went so cold we had the bright idea of popping the heating on for a bit. Not an issue really but as soon as we hit the heating putting something went pop. Ok, all lights go out, not an issue as we have a circuit breaker fusebox. So, hit the reset switch right?

Nothing. Nada. Not a sausage.

Only one plug outlet working upstairs. So around 7:30 pm, we sit there like cavemen (well, caveman and cavewoman). After much rerouting of extension leads to save freezer food etc we decide on an early night.

About 1pm we have power back, it seems that some of the cicruit breakers had built up some kind of corrosion on them and needed replacing. Still, nice to have light, warm food, hot water etc.

Anyway, moans aside, while waiting around I went and shot some photos as I had to take the day off work.


Back to the 21st Century for me with all those new fangled devices such as kettles, telly and broadband :)

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