Monday, 8 August 2011

Places to escape to.

I adore the countryside. More than that I guess. I adore the "idea" of countryside and rural life. Due to circumstances beyond my control (thank you inconsiderate neighbours a few doors across) I had very little sleep. Approx 2 hours. Now, how does this connect to country living?

I'm a city mouse at heart. Love my shops, love the ease of it but I would trade it all for a life away from people, away from built up areas, shops and industry. I'm happy when I can see rolling hills, trees and deserted country lanes. We live in a suburb (15 minute drive from the countryside) but it is becoming ever full of people who are "buy to let wannabe landlords" which means.....noisy people living nearby who don't care about the needs of others (don't ask me about the people who lived 6 doors up who managed to fit 4 families into the same sized house as this and their pre-ocupation with traditional Eastern European musical instruments and authentic dance re-enactments).

Many of the things that interest me I can purchase on the internet or make the odd city trip here and there so logistically it isn't impossible. Work may be more difficult as I often deal with massive case files, field work or complex information that is not easily accessible so a change in employer would be on the cards. Linda is pretty much in the same boat but if we moved outside of Brum she wouldn't have any issues commuting (thank you BMW and Mini One!). Geographically, many of my close friends during the 90's have now moved on and I keep in touch with many of my US and European people via facebook, blogspot or live-journal, Again, not an issue.

So, yep. Country life for me.


One day we're going to sell up and get the hell away from Birmingham. Maybe 10 years. Maybe 15 but it will happen. I will rephrase that. It has to happen.


CloudBoy said...

Don't wait 10 years, seriously start making plans now. We were in the same boat a few years back. We moved to the very edge of our town and are virtualy in the country here. We did it in two years, you can (must!) try to do the same. Good luck.

kebabselector said...

I keep thinking of a similar thing myself, not too sure about the country though - probably more like the coast. Still, whilst I have a mortgage it's likely not to happen.