Friday, 12 August 2011

Science Fiction Friday!

When I was doing my photo-a-day, Friday was always designated as a place where I would post something science fiction related.

Well, given the week's events I was going to post something dystopian but I thought why not put something up here that would at least brighten my day. Many different and more talented people have posted about the riots looting.


I wanted this to have a 60's vibe to it, akin to a publicity shot from a popular Irwin Allen TV series. Kudos to those who spot which show it is.


Anonymous said...

Lost In Space? Loved that as a kid, but have to say the first thing that came to mind looking at the photo before reading your word was robot Maria from "Metropolis".

Trav28 said...

Well spotted miss! I loved the fun feel of Lost in Space, the characters were fun and zany (and so 1960's!). you come to mention it :)