Saturday, 11 July 2009

Daily Photo #565

I think weather has put our foodshow plans on hold.


Unless Linda goes dressed like this, I think rain is going to prevent us from doing too much this weekend!


Duke said...

She would probably keep drier than you. Why can't you go, aren't food shows usually indoors?

Steve_Green said...

Strikes me it'd be more fun if it rains and you stayed in -- just so long as you didn't dress up like Adam West to complement Linda's outfit. That's too scary a thought.

Trav28 said...

Duke: The food show is held in a park - not much fun in the rain though! (for me, as I'd be there with a brolly all day and wouldn't be able to partake in the food goodness quite so easily!)

Steve: errands had to be sorted, unfortunately but it did mean a nice "dirty" lunch of a Big Mac instead! No photos were taken yesterday but I am trying to talk Linda into something Catwoman or Emma Peel inspired ;)