Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Daily Photo #589

For some reason this photo has been most popular this week.


Can't think why...?

Feeling much better now, had a chat with my doc and all is well.

Oh yeah, my bluray of the Watchmen Director's Cut arrived today. All the more reason to celebrate. Now to get Linds a Silk Specte II costume ;)


kebabselector said...

I reckon it's the box of Speedball 2 attracting attention.

Trav28 said...

ST Version, nontheless!

My lord, you must have had your magnifying glass to see that one!

fluid69 said...

Bianca Beauchamp's beaten you to the Silk Spectre II costume. I, err, stumbled across the photo shoot while innocently surfing a perfectly legit forum, that had nothing whatsoever to do with anything dodgy, honest guv'nor.

kebabselector said...

'magnifying glass to see that one'

I was looking at the Star Wars book, then the logo caught my eye.