Friday, 7 August 2009

Daily Photo #592

Something for the weekend?


If all things go to plan :)


Duke said...

I sure hope so! More of her in the silver or black suits would be nice.

Try to get some straight on headshots too (front, side, and 3/4with her hair pulled back) if you would. That way I can manip her face onto some fembot figures. You've probably noticed some of my mockup pics. on DeviantART. That should give you an idea of were some of my art ideas are going. :)

Trav28 said...

Will see what I can do! Linda has had a short bob so we will experiment with her style.

Hopefully shooting with another lovely model, our friend Sinderella :)

Duke said...

I thought Linda was going back to wearing her hair longer?

Trav28 said...

I think she just fancied a change :)